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As the global leader in eye tracking and pioneer of attention computing, Tobii presents a unique investment opportunity. Our technology will exist in billions of devices, we already have a strong market position, and work within the some of the most promising and evolving ecosystems.

Our technology drives innovation

Our technology is a catalyst for digital transformation, supporting development in areas as diverse as assistive technology, scientific research, gaming, extended reality, and driver monitoring systems. As an enabler, our technologies have the potential to unlock significant value and drive ground-breaking innovation.

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High-potential markets driven by megatrends

Many of our target markets are driven by megatrends like the rapid spread of gaming, the rise of the metaverse, innovations in healthcare technologies, and awareness of the attention economy.

As digitalization deepens globally, Tobii’s markets are ever-maturing, characterized by rapid growth, and readiness for volume scaling across multiple high-potential segments, like extended reality (XR), automotive DMS and personal computing. We estimate a rapid adoption of our technologies in billions of devices, presenting an opportunity exceeding SEK 60bn.

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Leading expertise and IP

Built on 20 years of innovation, Tobii has leading application know-how, and industry expertise. Our full-stack technology has evolved by establishing leading-edge competencies in advanced AI techniques, machine learning, computer vision, and hardware optics. Over the years, we have encouraged a culture of entrepreneurship.

Our unmatched patent portfolio delivers significant competitive advantages, providing an opportunity to reach and maintain higher margins and protect Tobii and its customers from infringement claims.

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Leading market positions in several verticals creates economies of scale

With more than a dozen offices worldwide and presence in most industrialized markets, Tobii has the industry´s leading sales and distribution capabilities. Combined with solid market positions, Tobii has a unique ability to leverage core technology investments and cross-fertilize know-how over multiple verticals and application areas.

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Strong growth and clear path to profitability

After a period of investment and attaining the leadership position within our core technology and focus verticals- Today, Tobii is entering a new phase characterized by strong growth and expectations of high contribution-margin revenue streams, resulting in significant improvements in profitability. Tobii is targeting to break through to profitability during 2023 and to reach SEK 1.5bn revenue in 2025, implying over 25% CAGR for 2021-2025.

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