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  • June 22, 2010

Tobii Glasses provides greater insight into human behavior with launch

Businesses can now conduct research in a way that was previously impossible.

**Tobii Technology , the global market leader in eye tracking, today announces the launch of Tobii Glasses™ - a revolutionary, cost-effective eye tracking system. Tobii Glasses will help researchers in commercial, scientific, and government organisations to gain greater levels of insight into the preferences, reactions and personal experiences of people in a natural environment.

Tobii Glasses are truly revolutionary as we believe the product opens up entirely new possibilities for our customers to conduct research in a way that previously has not been possible,” said Tom Englund, executive vice president of analysis solutions, Tobii Technology AB. “The application of this product to provide insight into human behaviour can include anything from understanding buyer preferences, learning about gaze in operating mobile devices, playing sports, driving or operating machinery. In fact, the number of ways you can apply this technology to conduct research is virtually endless.”

The new Tobii Glasses look and feel like a regular pair of glasses and allow wearers to walk around freely, making it easier for researchers to create a real-world environment in which to capture user behaviour. This can be while they are browsing in shopping environments, using a computer, trying out a new product or reading an advertisement.

Being comfortable and lightweight, the glasses have no distracting cameras or mirrors in the field of view nor do they require the user to carry bulky equipment. As a result, the user behaves more naturally giving the data a much higher level of validity.

The automatic data aggregation made possible by Tobii Glasses removes the need for hours of manual coding and compiling of information which significantly reduces costs and time-to market for study results. This feature ultimately means that more research can be completed at an overall reduced cost to the business.

"We are thrilled to have had early access to the new Tobii Glasses," says Gill Aitchison, Global President, Ipsos Shopper and Retail Research, Ipsos Marketing. "Ipsos looks forward to the incredible time and cost savings this will bring to our research organisation. Never before has it been possible to cost effectively conduct quantitative studies in real world environments and automatically see the visual attention a product or display received."

Notes to editors: See Tobii Glasses in action:

Publication date

  • June 22, 2010

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