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  • November 10, 2011

Tobii Enhances Morae Usability Suite With Free Eye-Tracking Plug-In

**STOCKHOLM & WASHINGTON, Nov. 10, 2011—Tobii Technology today announced the launch of a new free Tobii plug-in for TechSmith’s Morae, the most widely used and trusted usability software in the world. The new plug-in augments eye-gaze data with the extensive list of metrics measured by Morae, providing more advanced psychological analysis that reveals insight into innate, unspoken user behavior during usability testing.

“TechSmith is excited that there are eye-tracking experts out there who are creating plug-ins and integrations that work directly with Morae. We recognize how important eye tracking is and the role it plays in usability research. So teaming Morae with eye tracking capability makes sense, and we are lucky to be able to work with eye-tracking experts who can make that happen,” said Jeremy Vanisacker, Morae product manager.

The Tobii plug-in for Morae allows researchers to overlay eye-gaze data from the Tobii T/X series eye tracker into the Morae Recorder, which captures user behavior. Eye-tracking brings a new dimension to Morae usability studies by allowing researchers to combine the actions of users with their gaze trails, providing comprehensive insights into the behavior of the users — a measurement that has remained undefined until now.

“Through offering the Tobii plug-in for Morae for free, we hope to make it easier and more cost effective for more researchers within the usability community to have the opportunity to incorporate eye-tracking data into their studies,” said Tom Englund, president of analysis solutions at Tobii Technology. “With this plug-in, both TechSmith customers and Tobii customers are able to expand the frontiers of usability research and help more organizations benefit from the power of eye tracking.”

Eye tracking is often used in research studies to intuitively understand and explain user behavior. The technology adds value to usability testing by enabling stakeholders to better understand user processes and the details behind certain decisions and actions. With the addition of eye tracking, conclusions from a usability study can move beyond the physical actions made by the user, including how well the user performed a desired task, and can now explain what the user actually looked at prior to and during the moment of interaction with different elements on a website.

“Tobii has been working closely with the usability research community for many years, and we anticipate our plug-in for Morae will be extremely well-received and widely adopted,” said Barbara Barclay, general manager of Tobii North America. “We look forward to seeing what incredible new innovations and insight will result from Morae customers including eye tracking in their work. Researchers that quickly integrate eye tracking into their studies will be able to gain competitive insights into the user experience, data that may ultimately contribute to product enhancements and a greater user experience.”

Click here to download the free Tobii plug-in for Morae.

Click here to try Morae for free for 30 days.

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Publication date

  • November 10, 2011

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