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  • May 18, 2011

Tobii Technology Introduces Most Precise Eye Tracking Solution Available for Mobile Device Testing

Tobii Technology, the global market leader in eye tracking and eye control, today unveiled its Tobii X60/X120 Mobile Device Testing Solution, the first eye-tracking system in the world designed specifically to enhance the precision of usability studies for mobile devices and mobile applications to allow manufacturers to understand exactly what the consumers see when they use their devices.

Bell Canada is the first company to deploy the new Tobii Mobile Device Testing Solution in its customer development centers.

“Bell works continuously to find new ways to enhance our customers’ overall experience, and we are very excited to be the first company in the world to employ Tobii’s remarkable new testing solution,” said Stéphane Boisvert, president of Bell Business Markets. “We look forward to the unique insights we’ll discover through the use of these eye-tracking tools in our Bell User Experience Centres, which we are confident will lead to advancements in future mobile website and device functionality.”

The Tobii X60/X120 Eye Tracker and its accompanying testing stand are capable of testing a wide range of mobile devices, operating systems and graphical user interfaces with a level of precision never before possible when testing handheld gadgets. Together, the system provides an easy-to-use, comprehensive platform to eye track mobile products in a test setting that allows natural user interaction with the device, no matter the size or configuration. For example, the user can move the device from landscape to portrait mode without the need for recalibration of the eye tracker, which allows for a more natural, uninterrupted test and more precise results. Additionally, Tobii Studio™ Analysis Software, the leading eye tracking analysis and visualization software from Tobii Technology, makes it easy to design the test, run test sessions, replay and visualize the results, and calculate statistics.

“This solution has been in demand by our customers, and we are excited to introduce it to the market, especially now when the use of smartphones and tablet PCs is growing so dramatically,” said Tom Englund, executive vice president of Analysis Solutions at Tobii Technology. “This eye-tracking tool will enable mobile developers and manufacturers to obtain precise knowledge about how consumers are using their products, which will give them insights to help develop devices and apps that are easier to use, design mobile ads that are more impactful, and create a better user experience overall for consumers, who are increasingly dependent on mobile products for work, shopping, news, entertainment, social networking and more.”

The Tobii X60/X120 Mobile Device Testing Solution provides the highest-quality quantitative data for testing any size or type of mobile device. For example, cell phones, smartphones, tablet PCs, e-readers, portable gaming products and virtually any other mobile gadget are all easy to test with this comprehensive system, which allows for analysis across all platforms, including iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry.

“This system’s unparalleled, high level of eye-tracking precision will allow a researcher, for example, to distinguish whether an iPhone user is reading the name of an app or just looking at the icon of the app. This kind of never-before-achievable insight is what usability experts have been asking us for, because they understand that better usability knowledge can be the difference between what becomes widely adopted by consumers and what doesn’t,” said Barbara Barclay, general manager of Tobii North America. “Tobii eye-tracking solutions can help developers, manufacturers and advertisers get the critical data they need to effectively compete and gain competitive advantage within the emerging mobile industry.”

The Tobii X60/X120 provides easy and efficient setup with a participant calibration time of under a minute. Offering precise gaze-position data under varying light conditions, the solution is also highly compact and portable and ideal for usability field testing and on-the-fly setup.

Click here for a video of the Tobii X60/X120 Mobile Device Testing Solution in action.

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