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  • March 5, 2012

Tobii Unveils Next-Generation Eye Tracker at CeBIT

**STOCKHOLM and HANNOVER, Germany, March 5, 2012 — Tobii Technology, the world leader in eye tracking and gaze interaction, today announced the introduction of its next-generation eye tracking integration component, the Tobii IS-2 Eye Tracker. It represents a major leap forward in the evolution of eye tracking that will further accelerate the development of new and exciting applications for professionals and consumers. The Tobii IS-2 Eye Tracker will be available to view at the Tobii Technology booth, No. A29, Hall 26, at CeBIT in Hannover, March 6-10.

“By introducing the smallest and most reliable eye-tracking system on the market, we are bringing the power of eye tracking and gaze interaction to a wide range of products and applications,” said Henrik Eskilsson, CEO of Tobii Technology. “We are working intensely with dozens of partners that are realizing an array of exciting products based on our eye-tracking component. Imagination is truly the only limit of what you can do with eye tracking.”

A major step in eye tracking evolution
The IS-2 Eye Tracker is a complete eye-tracking system that makes it possible to easily add eye-tracking capabilities to a wide variety of products.

“The Tobii IS-2 Eye Tracker represents a major technological step forward in eye-tracking evolution. Following the Tobii IS-1 Eye Tracker – the world’s most widely implemented eye tracker – the Tobii IS-2 shows several advancements, including even further improved tracking robustness and range,” said John Elvesjö, CTO of Tobii Technology. “It allows for accurate eye tracking of almost everyone within varying environments – a tremendous, but necessary, challenge in volume applications.”

In addition, the Tobii IS-2 price point has been lowered, size has been reduced by 75 percent and it uses 40 percent less power. The entire OEM component is integrated on a single board with system-independent processing, which allows for a very small physical footprint and seamless integration into various products.

A wide range of interactive and analytical applications
Gaze interaction makes computer interaction more effective, more engaging and more exciting. With Tobii IS-2 Eye Tracker, eye and gaze tracking functions can easily be added to products such as:
• high-end computer monitors or peripherals
• computer-aided design (CAD)
• medical imaging
• air traffic control
• baggage scanning
• arcade games and slot machines
• infotainment systems in public places or hospitals
• eye position for 3D and other segments

Eye tracking also surpasses most methods in analytical applications to study what people are looking at or to understand what data they are processing. The Tobii IS-2 component will also fit into a variety of human-response-based products such as those involving:
• medical diagnostics and assessment
• lie detection
• attention monitoring
• training
• rehabilitation

“The Tobii IS-2 is arriving at a perfect time in computing history, when most computer manufacturers are implementing new modalities to enhance their products and develop more natural interfaces. But we also see a strong demand from many other industries and anticipate a strong trend in application development for the coming year,” said Barbara Barclay, general manager of Tobii Technology Inc. in North America. “The smaller size and lower price point of the Tobii IS-2 platform opens up new opportunities to integrate the technology in various devices and applications.”

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