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  • June 13, 2013

Eyes on the Next Generation: Tobii Introduces Academic Program to Help Universities Set Up Cost-Effective Eye-Tracking Labs

STOCKHOLM & WASHINGTON, June 13, 2013 —Tobii Technology, the global leader in eye tracking and gaze interaction, has launched a new Academic Program to support university research labs and classrooms with eye-tracking technology and curriculum development. Program packages offer solutions for a wide variety of academic areas of study and combine analytical eye-tracking products with knowledge resources and training.

“My decision to go with Tobii was based as much on the unparalleled support they provide as on the technology,” said Nicholas Hall, manager, Behavioral Lab at Stanford Graduate School of Business. “While Tobii’s technology is great, what matters most is that Tobii has a comprehensive program to support my researchers in gaining greater expertise in the application of eye tracking in their psychological research.”

With the arrival of smaller, portable and more advanced eye-tracking products, eye tracking is becoming a standard research and business tool in a broad range of fields, from market research, usability testing and behavioral sciences to gaming, consumer electronics, automotive and health care. Tobii’s new Academic Program is an easy and cost-effective way to build a state-of-the-art eye-tracking lab and develop curriculums that demonstrate to students how eye tracking can be integrated as a tool to answer research questions, solve business issues and even build businesses and new technologies— giving both the university and the student a more competitive edge in the marketplace.

“We were using eye tracking in usability research as well as in a number of company-sponsored student projects to create business value for the participating companies,” said Soussan Djamasbi, Ph.D., associate professor of IT at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. “We decided to extend our efforts by offering user experience classes that supported the use of eye tracking in developing innovative solutions and business value. Tobii played an instrumental role in implementing our vision by providing us with guidance, support and a leading-edge package of eye trackers — all at a great value that supported our educational needs.”

All packages offer a flexible mix of eye trackers and licenses for Tobii’s proprietary analysis software, and include dedicated knowledge resources and services to support efficient installation, research and education. Package categories include:

- Lab Packages – enable universities to quickly and efficiently build eye tracking labs for research and maximum teaching potential; services also include curriculum development support

- Classroom Packages – enable universities to equip a whole classroom with the latest eye-tracking technology and develop a curriculum that provides students with a comprehensive, foundational understanding of eye-tracking technology and its broad applications

“Universities have a unique opportunity to fill the growing industry need for eye-tracking expertise,” said Barbara Barclay, general manager of Tobii Technology Inc. in North America. “The Tobii Academic Program equips students with eye-tracking tools and opens up their future by teaching them about how visual attention can be analyzed and applied to hundreds of difficult business and research questions across a broad array of industries.”

Click here to learn more about Tobii’s Academic Program. For more information about integrating eye tracking into labs and classrooms, please contact a Tobii sales representative at (Europe) or (U.S.).

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Publication date

  • June 13, 2013

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