Understanding More About Mobile Tech Experiences Gets Easier with New Tobii Mobile Device Testing Solution for X2 Eye Trackers

STOCKHOLM & WASHINGTON, June 27, 2013 – Tobii Technology, the global leader in eye tracking and gaze interaction, today announced the release of its new Tobii Mobile Device Testing Solution designed especially for the new ultra-small and portable Tobii X2 Eye Tracker. The comprehensive package, which includes Tobii X2 eye-tracking hardware, software and support services, provides researchers with the most accurate and cost efficient tool available for evaluating and improving the experiences of consumers using mobile devices.

‟Our application design process has already improved dramatically using the new Tobii X2 Eye Trackers, and we’re extremely eager to add the new Tobii Mobile Device Testing Solution into future projects,” said Pete Johnson, CEO of Apollo Matrix, Inc., a web and mobile application design and development firm in Washington. ‟By enabling us to do live eye-tracking tests on mobile device applications, it will revolutionize our design capabilities, open up creative possibilities, reduce development time and ultimately helps us create even greater end results for customers.”

The Tobii Mobile Device Testing Solution takes mobile device testing to the next level – into more natural environments, involving a broader array of test subjects, and with new opportunities to discover deeper insights into the personal nuances of consumers’ experiences with mobile technology products and content. The package includes a Tobii X2 Eye Tracker, a mobile device stand, a scene camera with adjustable mounting arm, configuration support and user guide, Tobii Studio (Tobii’s analysis software), and a travel case. It is a valuable tool for usability professionals, mobile application developers, tablet and mobile manufacturers, web design professionals, software developers, and academic researchers.

‟We are excited to offer researchers this important advancement in mobile device testing using the new portable Tobii X2 Eye Tracker. The entire solution is smaller, more light weight and more powerful at long range, making it easy to achieve the best possible positioning to track the most people,” said Tom Englund, president of analysis solutions at Tobii. “The result is highly accurate, valuable and actionable data. Considering how pervasive mobile technologies are today in our daily lives, the need for this type of unique solution is critical.”

Features and benefits of the new Tobii Mobile Device Testing Solution include:

· Captures accurate gaze data on small screens – The solution delivers the highly accurate data you need to test small devices, where logos, text and buttons might all be within one degree of visual angle distance and any compromise on accuracy can lead to the wrong conclusions. Tobii X2 eye trackers offer accurate gaze data under varying light conditions and compensate for natural head movements.

· High quality data for analysis – The solution supports both quantitative and qualitative studies that require high quality behavioral data. The high resolution scene camera captures the details needed to analyze small screens. Also, the Tobii Studio software included in the package provides a comprehensive platform for testing design, recording, observation, visualization and eye-tracking data analysis.

· Makes robust research portable, highly efficient – The Tobii X2 Eye Tracker in this comprehensive package allows you to track a wide cross section of the population, including people wearing glasses. It also helps to set up research studies quickly and easily in any location – as the solution is compact, portable and light-weight.

· Creates a comfortable and natural testing environment – Test participants can interact with their mobile device in a natural way and switch between portrait and landscape mode. It is also easy to switch between different mobile devices during the same study.

For more information about purchasing the new Tobii Mobile Testing Device Solution or Tobii X2 Eye Tracker, please contact a Tobii sales representative at sales@tobii.com (Europe) or sales.us@tobii.com (US).

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