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  • December 29, 2014

Tobii Declares 2015 ‘Year of Consumer Eye Tracking’ at International CES

STOCKHOLM & LAS VEGAS— Dec. 29, 2014 — Tobii Tech, the global leader in eye tracking, will showcase how pioneering consumers will take eye-tracking technology out of the lab and into their daily lives in 2015. From the world’s first consumer eye tracker developed in partnership with premier gaming gear brand SteelSeries to the first steps in eye-tracking wearables, Tobii will give a first glimpse into what is waiting for consumers in the coming months. Visit Tobii during CES in Las Vegas at Tech West Sands Booth No.71837, Jan. 6-9.

“2015 will be the year that eye-tracking makes first entry into consumer markets and consumers have their first tangible experiences with real eye-tracking products in the wild — first with gaming, then with ergonomics and eventually general computer use,” said Oscar Werner, president of Tobii Tech. “We are well-poised to bring new products to market, not only as Tobii, but also with numerous world-class partners in these industries. We are thrilled about moving from prototypes to real products, games and apps.”

Attendees will be among the first to try the following products, exclusively at the Tobii booth:

  • SteelSeries Sentry – Shipping January 2015, the world’s first gaming eye tracker for streamers, e-sports competitors and those seeking to enhance their game strategy, will be shown only at the Tobii booth, where participants can get their first real demonstrations of how eye-tracking will revolutionize gaming. A 2015 CES Innovations Honoree, the Sentry peripheral is now available for pre-order at
  • o Watch popular streamers and Sentry users CEH9 and Wagamama play live, Jan. 6-7, at the Tobii booth and on Twitch.
  • Tobii Glasses 2 – See Tobii’s second-generation wearable eye tracker in action. Already shipping for research customers, Tobii is now working with industry-leading partners in both augmented and virtual reality to integrate the world’s smallest eye-tracking technology into their wearables for gaming augmentation, training and professional applications. The Tobii Glasses 2 SDK will also debut in Q2 2015, allowing developers to start building eye-tracking applications for Glasses 2 as well as other third-party wearables.
  • Pizza Hut Subconscious Menu– This playful use of eye tracking in restaurant retail technology is already making big waves. Attendees will also have the opportunity to dig into their subconscious and see what they are really craving on their pizza.

“When Tobii says ‘2015 is the year for consumer eye tracking,’ we couldn’t agree more,” said Ehtisham Rabbani, SteelSeries CEO. “From the overwhelming demand for the Sentry, to the comments from top streamers, journalists and gaming pros about eye tracking’s impact on future consumer devices, it is obvious that both SteelSeries and Tobii are more than ready to deliver in 2015.”

Tobii Arcade: Eye-tracking content also becomes a reality

Eye-tracking hardware is only half the story. Since CES 2014, developers from all over the world have joined Tobii in realizing great content for upcoming consumer eye trackers. Launching at CES Unveiled, Tobii Arcade will be the world’s first showcase of eye-tracking apps built with eye tracking in mind as a primary input.

With the following applications for demo at CES, attendees will also have the opportunity to explore various ways eye tracking will humanize user interfaces:

  • Tobii Game Analyzer – A tool for competitive gamers to gain completely new insights into the game. Get stats about what is seen and processed during a game and find the keys to winning behavior in a player’s style. Ships with SteelSeries Sentry.
  • Tobii EyeX Interactions – A Windows add-on that enables eye gaze as an additional input, creating a revolutionary experience with users able to wake the computer with a glance and “warp” the mouse to where they are looking.
  • Son of Nor by stillalive studios – Play an action-adventure game with players fighting enemies by using magical abilities with their eyes: telekinesis, terraforming powers and spell casting. Experience how eye tracking gives you a “third hand” and makes it possible to multitask by controlling your character and aiming at your enemies at the same time. You can simultaneously run in one direction and aim in another, just like in real life.
  • Overwolf Overlay – This application adds a rich layer of eye-tracking functionality to the Overwolf engine so gamers can gain insights, develop better strategies and increase the level of entertainment for their streaming audience.

“This is only a small portion of the games and apps that will soon be made available on Tobii Arcade. 2015 will also witness strong growth in eye-tracking content from the Tobii developer community, both from indie developers and globally recognized studios,” said Werner. “We will promote successful apps heavily, so we encourage developers to innovate and start creating — now — eye-tracking content that will soon impact consumers’ everyday lives.”

Members of the media can be some of the first to demo these products at Booth No. 1 during Unveiled, the official media event of CES, Jan. 4 from 4-7 p.m.

Publication date

  • December 29, 2014

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