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  • February 2, 2015

Tobii’s Board names new Board Chairman and Board member

Stockholm, 2 February 2015 – Tobii, the world leader in eye tracking, has appointed Kent Sander as new Chairman of the Board and elected Åsa Hedin new member of the Board. Sander replaces Arne Almerfors who has chosen to step down.

“I am very pleased that we managed to tie Kent Sander and Åsa Hedin to Tobii,” says Henrik Eskilsson, Tobii’s CEO and one of the company founders. “They bring with them deep knowledge of board work and extensive experience from global operations in relevant industries. This gives us the right mix in our Board of Directors and the best qualifications for leading Tobii forward.”

Kent Sander is an experienced board member who today sits on the board of BT OnePhone Ltd. in London and KPN OnePhone Holding BV in the Netherlands. He is also Chairman of the Board of One Phone Holding AB in Sweden. Mr Sander has more than 30 years of experience from high-tech companies and he worked in the USA for 22 years where he was a driving force in establishing Ericsson as the market leader in mobile phone networks. He also led True Positioning Inc to become the world leader in mobile positioning. Mr Sander was born in1953 and holds a degree in business administration from the University of Stockholm.

“Tobii has revolutionized life for tens of thousands of people who were formerly unable to communicate or use computers, but it has also created entirely new opportunities for researchers to understand human behavior. The eye tracking market is a steadily growing one and, with its world-leading technology and position, Tobii is uniquely situated to continue to grow and cement its technology in new applications and markets. I look forward to contributing as a member of Tobii’s Board,” comments Kent Sander.

The Board of Directors also elected new Board member Åsa Hedin, Executive Vice President at Elekta AB where she is also a member of group management. Ms Hedin has an extensive background in life science and her career has spanned from startups to global medical technology companies such as Gambro, Siemens and Medtronic. She has served internationally in leading positions and is today on the board of Nolato AB. Ms Hedin holds a M.Sc. in biophysics and a B.Sc. in physics.

“Tobii is a dynamic company with a world-leading technology. The concept of thinking creatively about how we can use our eyes as control instruments with the aid of eye tracking makes me very excited to be on board. I have a particular passion for medical solutions and Tobii’s technology offers all kinds of possible applications,” comments Åsa Hedin.

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Publication date

  • February 2, 2015

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