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  • April 26, 2019

Next Generation Tobii Aware Software Enables More Intuitive Personal Computers

Today, Tobii unveiled the next generation of its Tobii Aware software. The advanced software increases the range of personal computers that can benefit from Tobii technology, delivering a defined set of benefits related to privacy, security, digital wellbeing, enhanced performance, and increased efficiency.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity to bring innovative new capabilities to the PC market,” said Henrik Eskilsson, CEO of Tobii. “Tobii Aware enables Tobii to extend the benefits of our human sensing expertise to a wider array of systems and use cases than ever before.”

Tobii Aware - Technology That Anticipates Your Needs

While Tobii is best known for the advanced capabilities enabled by Tobii eye tracking technology and hardware, the company’s Tobii Aware software enables a broader range of personal computers to gain many of the benefits associated with visually sensing users. By combining the hardware capabilities of a Windows Hello camera with Tobii Aware software, a variety of important new system benefits are unlocked, including:

Enhanced Privacy & Security

  • Enhanced device security and privacy through user identification and automatic presence detection to blur and lock screens.

Digital Wellbeing & Convenience

  • Improved comfort, convenience, and digital health via insights about screen time and computer usage.
  • More intuitive and intelligent devices that can stay awake depending on user presence, warp mouse cursors and windows across multiple screens effortlessly, and un-dim or turn on the screen when users returns.

Power Performance

  • Save power and CPU performance in a natural and unobtrusive way with screens that dim and react to user presence.

For more information about the next generation of Tobii Aware technology, please visit:

Publication date

  • April 26, 2019

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