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  • July 30, 2019

Tobii Introduces Tobii Spotlight Technology™

At the SIGGRAPH 2019 conference in Los Angeles, Tobii announced Tobii Spotlight Technology, an eye tracking technology that delivers the powerful benefits of foveated rendering today and will enable an even broader set of foveation-related capabilities in the future.

Foveation in visual systems refers to the capability to process just the information at the center of focus in high detail. Just as the human eye is optimized to focus in exceptional detail on a small fraction of an image, Tobii Spotlight Technology brings nature’s design for human vision to the devices we use, and will use, every day. The result is a more efficient device and a more natural user experience, opening the virtual reality marketplace to new possibilities and innovations.

“Tobii Spotlight Technology is advanced eye tracking specialized for foveation,” said Henrik Eskilsson, CEO of Tobii. “Tobii Spotlight Technology directly addresses the ever-increasing demand for computational efficiency. Working with our partners to enable foveated rendering is just the beginning and Tobii Spotlight Technology reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation in this area for years to come.”

“As one of the first companies to bring integrated eye tracking to market with our premium VIVE Pro Eye headset, HTC VIVE is thrilled to continue to collaborate with Tobii to bolster the benefits of eye tracking to developers and businesses alike,” said Vinay Narayan, VP Platform Strategy & Developer Relations, HTC VIVE. “Together, with partners like Tobii and Nvidia, we are pioneering the wave of innovation that will create devices that deliver better visual experiences, more intuitive interfaces for our customers, and new ways of interacting with VR content.”

As part of today’s announcement, Tobii released benchmarks for dynamic foveated rendering in virtual reality enabled by Tobii Spotlight Technology and NVIDIA variable rate shading foveation. The benchmarks show a reduction in shading load for some applications by 57%, enabling better visual experiences for users and more efficient virtual reality devices. To see a summary of benchmarking results, please visit

“NVIDIA offers foundational technologies and solutions, such as variable rate shading, that enable an entire ecosystem of innovation,” said David Weinstein, Director, Virtual Reality, NVIDIA. “We’re working with Tobii and other leading hardware, software and technology companies to make extraordinary technological leaps, such as foveated rendering, broadly available in the marketplace.”

Foveation techniques can be used to enhance device performance in more ways than foveated rendering. For instance, foveated transport can dramatically reduce bandwidth requirements for image data transfer based on user focus and foveated streaming can enable more efficient streaming of live content.

To learn more and see additional information about the benefits of Tobii Spotlight Technology, visit the Tobii blog.

Publication date

  • July 30, 2019

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