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  • May 10, 2021

Tobii Eye Tracking Enhances Pico Interactive’s Next-Gen VR headset Neo 3 Pro Eye

Pico Interactive, a world-leading VR headset maker, today announced its next-generation enterprise headset the Neo 3 Pro Eye will incorporate Tobii eye tracking. The Neo 3 Pro Eye is the second Pico headset with Tobii eye tracking and is anticipated to launch in Q3 2021.

Powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ XR2 Platform and featuring built-in Tobii eye tracking, the Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye represents a powerful and intuitive headset designed for the enterprise. The Neo 3 Pro Eye will leverage the strong trend toward enterprise adoption of VR, enabling businesses to gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior, enhance training efficiency, improve productivity, and drive innovation across a variety of critical applications.

“With the Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye, Pico has combined the benefits of Tobii eye tracking with improved hardware and software performance, to build a next-generation VR headset that enhances enterprise efficiency, collaboration and innovation power,” said Anand Srivatsa, CEO of Tobii Tech.

“For the Neo 3 line, we implemented the latest technologies to meet the ever-changing demands of the enterprise,” said Henry Zhou, CEO of Pico Interactive. As clearly shown by the market demand with our last generation headset, eye tracking has become an essential technology for VR. I am convinced that Tobii eye tracking will continue to enhance our headset and user experience and empower more industry innovations."

A range of customers are already benefiting from Pico Interactive’s VR headsets with built-in Tobii eye tracking to create innovative solutions. One example is the neurotechnology company SyncThink, that uses Pico Neo 2 Eye VR headsets, as well as Tobii Ocumen, Tobii’s premium eye tracking solution that enables more capabilities in advanced VR applications. The solution helps SyncThink to provide neurological measurements that assist medical professionals in assessing brain health, managing recovery and optimizing performance.

While this specific product integration is not expected to have a material impact on Tobii’s revenue in 2021, it does provide further evidence of the nature of eye tracking as a foundational capability that is already expected in enterprise-focused XR headsets today and will likely be required in almost all XR headsets in the coming years.

To learn more about Tobii’s offering within VR and AR, please visit: Tobii VR | Eye Tracking Technology in Virtual Reality.

To learn more details about the Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye, please read Pico Interactive's press release.

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Publication date

  • May 10, 2021

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