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  • March 16, 2022

Tobii partners with LIV and Ready Player Me to create realistic avatars for the Metaverse

Tobii, the global leader in eye tracking and pioneer of attention computing, announced today a collaboration with LIV and Ready Player Me to make avatars in the Metaverse more expressive and authentic. Creators will be able to use LIV and Ready Player Me avatars in a more life-like way to stream content and engage viewers with more insights through Tobii eye tracking enabled virtual reality (VR) headsets.

LIV is the leader in XR game streaming and enables creators to broadcast themselves live from inside VR. Ready Player Me is an avatar platform, allowing consumers to create 3D avatars for hundreds of apps and games. Through the partnership, users will be able to demonstrate real-time eye movement and interactions with other users in the same game or virtual environment. Streamers can increase viewer engagement and provide viewers with insights into their skills, speed, and attention. The first experiment was conducted with Racket: Nx, which develops arcade space sports in VR.

"With Tobii's eye tracking technology, users can truly have an embodied presence in the Metaverse with life-like eye movement and interactions," said Johan Hellqvist, VP of XR (AR/VR) at Tobii. "This partnership with LIV, the developer of the leading XR streaming tool, and Ready Player Me, one of the most popular avatar platforms, allows us to bring authentic and immersive experience for users in the Metaverse."

"LIV is excited to be one of the first XR streaming tools to support integrated eye tracking and to offer our creators more expressive Avatars in gameplay and other activities," said AJ 'Dr. Doom' Shewki, CEO of LIV. "Eventually, all headsets will have integrated eye tracking, and the ability to do real-time gaze visualizations with LIV and Tobii will simply be a common staple in a creator's arsenal."

"Designing avatars is not just about creating beautiful faces, bodies, and peripherals, but also about reflecting and communicating real-time attention and emotions of a user with others," said Timmu Tõke, Co-Founder and CEO of Ready Player Me. "We look forward to supporting Tobii's efforts in enabling avatars with eye-tracking features in more enterprise and consumer applications, as eye-tracking technology becomes standard in XR headsets."

To learn more about Tobii's offerings within VR and augmented reality (AR), please visit Tobii VR | Eye Tracking Technology in Virtual Reality. To learn more details about Ready Player Me, please visit and for more information about LIV, please visit

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Publication date

  • March 16, 2022

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