Publication date

  • June 3, 2022

Tobii AB (publ) to utilize mandate to transfer shares

The Board of Directors of Tobii has today resolved on the utilization of an authorization to transfer own shares. The shares may be transferred in order to, among other things, cover social contributions and costs for synthetic stock units under the company’s incentive program originally adopted at the annual general meeting in 2020 which was exchanged in connection with the separation between Tobii AB and Tobii Dynavox AB pursuant to resolutions from the extraordinary general meeting held in October 2021. Tobii’s Board of Directors has today decided to utilize the authorization granted by the general meeting for these purposes.

The transfer of own shares may take place on Nasdaq Stockholm during the period from June 3, 2022 up to the Annual General Meeting 2023 at a price within the price interval registered from time to time.

Tobii currently owns 230,972 ordinary shares and 1,342,373 class C-shares and the maximum number of shares that may be transferred on Nasdaq Stockholm pursuant to the resolution amounts to 121,485 ordinary shares.

Publication date

  • June 3, 2022

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