Publication date

  • September 13, 2022

Tobii partners with HeadVantage to bring eye tracking to sports fans and athletes

Tobii, the global leader in eye tracking and pioneer in attention computing, signed a deal with HeadVantage, a U.S. start-up working with NBC Sports and Sky Sports to equip athletes with miniature cameras and sensors, including eye tracking technology. The partnership allows sports fans to see through athletes' eyes, better understand their decision-making process, and help them train and improve in several sports. There will also be a major gain in fan experience.

HeadVantage’s product, paired with Tobii’s eye tracking, can be fitted under the baseball or golf cap bill or embedded in a helmet to track the person's eye movements. It can also measure the diameter of the athlete's pupils over one hundred times per second.

“Sports fans all over the world want more immersion, and we can bring that to the table, especially because of the integration with Tobii’s eye tracking technology,” said Jay Hedley, HeadVantage co-founder and CEO. “Through our gear, we are showing not only what the athlete could see from their vantage point but also where their eyes are looking, providing a differentiated way to both play and consume sports.”

“This kind of partnership with an early-stage company showcases how Tobii's eye tracking technology enables innovation,” said Anand Srivatsa, Tobii CEO. “HeadVantage’s product also opens a whole new world of immersive experiences in sports, and it’s a tremendous value proposition. Tobii technology leadership also joined the company’s Advisory Board, and we will collaborate on use cases in the long term.”

In addition, HeadVantage was selected to be a part of the Comcast NBCUniversal SportsTech Accelerator, which led to a partnership with NBC Sports. Through this partnership, the technology has been demonstrated at the PGA’s Korn Ferry Tour golf tournaments this summer. The collaboration also had well-known golf instructors don the gear for lessons on NBC Sports Next's GolfPass. In addition, HeadVantage will work with Sky Sports to develop and demonstrate eye tracking embedded in cricket helmets to eventually stream the player’s view to over a billion cricket fans.

“During our SportsTech accelerator, we saw how Tobii’s eye tracking integration and HeadVantage’s streaming capabilities bring engaging content and immersion to sports fans by getting into the athlete's mind through the perspective of eye tracking,” said Jenna Kurath, head of Comcast NBCUniversal SportsTech. “We are excited to see what’s next for the team as they innovate and bring new storytelling capabilities to games and events around the world through partnerships with NBC Sports and Sky.”

Tobii is committed to bringing eye tracking to the masses. In shaping this future, we are excited to collaborate with companies ranging from leading global OEMs to promising disruptive start-ups to drive innovation leveraging eye tracking and attention computing. Although the long-term potential of this collaboration is significant, it is not expected to be material for Tobii's revenue in the near term.

Publication date

  • September 13, 2022

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