History of Tobii

Since opening its doors in 2001, Tobii has grown from a Swedish garage start-up to the global leader in eye tracking and pioneer of attention computing. The company was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm in 2015 and today employs over 600 amazing Tobiians.

Tobii – from start-up to global market leader

The story of Tobii began in 2001 when three Swedish entrepreneurs — John Elvesjö, Mårten Skogö, and Henrik Eskilsson first understood the potential of eye tracking.

With an ambition to transform industries and lives through technology adapted to human behavior, they founded Tobii.

The history of Tobii

We could gain better insight into human behavior! And help people to communicate! We could even change how people interact with computers by making devices more intelligent and responsive!
Tobii founders

First eye tracker

The initial innovation came about a year later in the shape of the world's first plug-and-play eye tracker. This product rapidly became a sought-after tool within the research community thanks to its ability to provide unique insights into human behavior, marking the foundation of the company’s first business unit Tobii Pro.

Tobii First eye tracker

First eye-controlled computer

The next significant step came in 2005 when Tobii released the world's first eye-controlled computer, enabling people with disabilities to communicate using their eyes as an input mechanism. By entering the assistive technology market, Tobii laid the foundation for its second business unit, Tobii Dynavox.

As each innovation arrived, Tobii's reputation as a game-changer in research and communication grew. The company began expanding into new markets, opening offices in, for example, the US, Japan, China, Taipei, and South Korea.

Jeff Outside new i-series

First eye tracking platform

In 2014, Tobii launched the first eye tracking platform designed for integration in consumer and purpose-built devices and monitors, and with it came the third business unit, Tobii Tech. In collaboration with pioneering OEMs, gamers, and ISVs, this part of the business brought eye tracking to healthcare, education, enterprises, and consumers through a plug-and-play USB peripheral and an embedded component in gaming laptops and VR headsets.

IS5 Platform components

Tobii's mission

To improve the world with technologies that understand human attention and intent — has remained intact throughout the company's history and multiple innovations.

In 2021, Tobii entered a new era

To streamline our internal resources and better support customers and partners transition from research and innovation to commercialization, Tobii has combined the strengths of its two closest business units — Tobii Pro and Tobii Tech — with group functions to form a new Tobii. At the same time, Tobii Dynavox has been spun off as a standalone entity listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, allowing this fantastic organization to continue serving people in the disabled community with products that enable rich and independent lives.

The company achieved what it set out to do and then some. Looking to the future, Tobii has a strategic role to play in the development of attention computing and the massive opportunity that presents to industries and enterprises across the globe.