Tobii WIT event

Tobii partners with Women in Tech

Women In Tech’s mission is to inspire women to consider a future in the field of technology and to enlighten women already working in tech industries.

What is Women in Tech?

What started as an event on International Women's Day 2014 has grown into a community, platform, and movement over the years. It’s crucial to highlight opportunities and a great variety of people, roles and stories from the tech world and give people context.

The times we are living in may be challenging, but with that also comes enormous opportunities for the tech industry to pave the way forward towards a brighter future. This year's
Women in Tech Sweden 2023 event highlighted broad issues such as energy, cybersecurity, AI and leadership.

Tobii and Women in Tech

Behind the initiative Women In Tech stands some of Sweden’s largest and most influential technology companies.

Tobii is one of those companies. The women at Tobii work in a wide variety of roles in engineering, gaming, coding, algorithms, R&D and many other cool positions.

Tobii Sustainability

Confessions of a techie

Women working at Tobii discuss their reasons for working in the tech industry, their roles, and what it means to them.

These women inspire us with their stories and reasons for working at a tech company.

Tobii Talks WIT 2023

Tobii Women in Tech

Changing history by going faster

Milla Sjöstrand was our guest speaker. She is a 15-year-old Swedish racing driver who is passionate and determined to become the next female F1 driver. She discussed using technologies and data analysis, such as eye tracking and attention computing, in her training to boost her sports performance, helping her achieve her dream of racing at the cutting edge of motor racing - Formula 1.

Tobii WIT event

We save lives on the roads

Anna Redz and Annika Borgström, Tobii Automotive Product Owners, discussed what they are creating at Tobii and how driver state and attention help drive the development of Tobii’s newest product Tobii DMS. Their main focus is to develop software that will save lives on the roads.

The Tobii Booth at WIT

Every year Tobii has a booth at Women in Tech Sweden where visitors can talk to our experts and demo our innovative eye tracking products. This year, they could even sit in Yeti our Tobii DMS car!

Tobii Women in Tech
Tobii Women in Tech
Tobii Women in Tech