Tobii Pro Fusion eye tracker used to test a baby

Solutions for a better future

Our solutions empower people. They enable research and discovery at thousands of corporations and institutions around the globe.

Technology that powers solutions

Our technology powers the solutions that give people a voice, and help creative companies invent new products and design innovative approaches. Our technologies make manufacturing facilities safer and more productive.

Doctor wearing a VR headset

Ways that our technologies contribute to a better world

Tobii Healthcare - assistive technology

Inclusion and accessibility

Assistive devices enable people with disabilities to take part on level terms. The application of our technology to this area is one of our strongest proof points, showing how our technology removes barriers in society. Other disadvantaged groups, such as the elderly, children, and people living in isolated regions can gain access to services with the help of our technology.

Woman looking at CT scans

Improved health

By integrating eye tracking into medical equipment, companies can develop solutions that can assess a condition, provide therapy as part of a treatment, and measure the results. These solutions can address diseases and health issues, such as, brain trauma, amblyopia (lazy eye) and other vision impairments, Parkinson's, and reading difficulties.

Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Understanding ourselves and our environment

Scientists and researchers use Tobii eye tracking extensively as a research tool to better understand human behavior and unlock new scientific discoveries. From improving traffic safety by studying driving behavior to identifying mental and neural disorders such as autism, ADHD, and Parkinson’s disease.

Brainleap success story - Tobii

Catalyst for innovation

Partnering with other innovative companies is the best way to make a difference. We have partnered with a range of enterprises including ControlRad, BrainLeap, and SyncThink who are using our market-leading technologies as an innovation catalyst to for example, reduce radiation in operating theaters, improve reading education, and deepen our understanding of traumatic brain injury.

Gaming - VR headset

Interface applications

Learning, entertainment and gaming, and care and therapy applications can use our technology to control the interface or measure progress.

Tobii Integrations

Scalable and affordable

By putting our technology into commercial mobile devices such as VR headsets and laptops, we put solutions at the point of need in a scalable and affordable manner — bringing about democratization.