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Tech for good

As the global leader in eye tracking, we are more than a technology provider. We want to do everything within our power to mandate and encourage positive use of our technology.

The right choices

Tobii has an obligation to set clear and positive examples for every industry and to make the right choices to protect our users and ensure that the solutions we deliver make the world a better place.

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Data transparency

We believe it is important that eye tracking data is handled in a transparent manner that provides users with the confidence that their data is not stored or transferred without their knowledge or acceptance. This view relates to how we handle these concerns in our own products, and should also guide how our customers, partners, and even competitors view this issue.

For this reason, we have developed the
Tobii Eye Tracking Data Transparency Policy. The policy states that if an application stores eye tracking data, or transfers it to another device or network, the user must be informed, told what is being done with the information, and agree to participate.

In addition, application developers are obliged to present a visual indicator to users when information is being stored or transferred. 

While this may sound like a minor thing, at Tobii we think this is a vital part of earning the trust of eye tracking users.