board members meeting

Work of the board

The Board of directors is the second highest decision-making body after the general meeting of shareholders and is ultimately responsible for Tobii's organization and management of its affairs.

The board’s responsibilities include:

  • Establishing goals and strategies.
  • Continuously assessing the financial position, financial performance, and operational management.
  • Making decisions regarding major investments and major organizational changes in the company.
  • Appointing the CEO, the audit committee, and the compensation committee.
  • Determining the CEO’s salary and compensation and approving any significant assignments that the CEO may have outside the Company.
  • Securing routines and systems for monitoring and control of the company’s operations and risks.
  • Establishing necessary guidelines for the company's conduct in society to ensure its long-term value creation capacity.
  • Ensuring that the Company’s disclosure of information is distinguished by transparency and is correct, relevant, and reliable, and that financial reports are prepared on time.

The Board's work is regulated by the Swedish Companies Act, the Articles of association and the Board of directors’ annually adopted Rules of Procedure.

These Rules govern the Board's practice, functions, and the division of duties between the directors and the CEO. The work of the Board follows an agenda that determines such matters as the dates for regular meetings. The agenda is reviewed and adopted each year by the board meeting following election.

Tobii's Board of Directors currently consists of six ordinary members. Board members are appointed by the AGM for the period up until the next AGM.