Tobii board committee

Corporate governance structure

General meeting  

The General meeting of shareholders is the ultimate decision-making body of Tobii, where shareholders may exert their influence over Tobii by exercising their right to vote on key issues. 

Nomination committee  

The tasks of the Nomination committee include the proposal of candidates for the chairman at Annual General Meetings (AGM), the proposal of candidates for election to the Board of Directors, and proposals of Board member remuneration. The Nomination Committee consists of the three largest shareholders together with the Chairman of the Board. 

Board of directors  

The Board of directors is the second highest decision-making body after the General Meetings and is ultimately responsible for Tobii’s organization and management of its operations. This includes establishing goals and strategies and evaluating the results and management of its operations. Board members are appointed by the Annual General Meeting. 

CEO and senior executives  

Tobii's President and CEO reports to the Board and is responsible for handling the day-to-day management of Tobii. The President and CEO is assisted by the Group management team consisting of the company’s senior executives. 


The external auditor reviews the Company's annual report and financial statements, and the Board and the President’s administration.